Who are the Parish Council?

Here are brief profiles of the dedicated team who make up Kempley Parish Council

Simon Hanes


Elected: 14-05-2015

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I have lived in Kempley since 1977 with my wife Susie and our three children. Until November 2010, I worked at QinetiQ in Malvern as a Computer Manager, but am now retired. I was Chairman of Kempley Parish Council from January 2004 until 2011 and set up an early version of the Parish Council website. During my period in office, I led the Council in responding to the concerns expressed at the Village Meetings, for example the reduction in the Ambulance Service which led to First Aid training for Villagers. I was elected as a temporary Chairman in 2015 until May 2017 and was successful in bidding for a grant for a Publicly Accessible defibrillator which is now installed on the Village Hall. More recently I have been successful in bidding for two more defibrillators.


Howell Rees

Vice Chairman

Co-opted: 11-05-2017

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I was born in South Wales and came to Gloucestershire in 1970.  Geraldine and I moved to Kempley in 1986. Now a retired Senior lecturer from Gloucester College, I am enthusiastic in involving myself with our community. In 2015 I was delighted to be invited to become a Trustee of the Friends of Kempley Churches and am now Vice-Chair.  I am also a Trustee and the treasurer of the Kempley Village Hall Trust.


Addressing an increasing need to identify the houses in our village, I produced the maps in the i-kiosk and layby noticeboards, both of which are well-used. I was involved in a small group of villagers to raise funds for the production and installation of the Memorial Stone on the Village Green.  I particularly enjoyed researching ‘the 9 sons of Kempley’ who are remembered on key dates throughout the year.


Geraldine and I are keen walkers and I am treasurer of the Windcross Paths Group.


Robin Bennion

Kempley Village Hall Trust Committee

Elected: 14-05-2015

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Mary and I moved to Kempley Green in 2012 after an extensive search to find a vibrant and thriving community in which to settle.  We are both local people – I was born in Newent and Mary even closer in Oxenhall – and have two daughters and a wonderful granddaughter.  Whilst having family close by made it an easy choice to move here, it was the happy buzz and genuine friendliness we encountered in Kempley that clinched our decision.


Our village hall is the hub of our community and I am particularly keen to see it restored into a practical and versatile space for us all to enjoy.  I act as the Parish Council Trustee for the Kempley Village Hall Trust.

I have been able to use my design and marketing skills in the production of a range of materials used by the village in advertising our groups and events.  I was instrumental in the 20 in Kempley is Plenty campaign which has brought attention to reducing speed through our built-up areas.

I am passionate about our shared domestic and working society and the countryside in which we live. Kempley definitely punches above its weight and this is achieved through active participation and innovation. Maintaining a sustainable, viable village community is my focus in my role as your Parish Councillor. 


I see myself very much as your representative and am always happy to hear your views.


Bob Earll


Co-opted: 19-07-2018

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I have been a resident of Kempley for 38 years.  I am a self employed consultant working on sustainability and environmental issues in the marine and water environment.  I specialise in communications, organising meetings and in email business. 


For the last 12 years I have facilitated the Annual Parish Meeting at the request of the Parish Council.  These meetings have seen a number of significant community projects proposed and supported.  I helped with the Community Led Plan both at the annual meetings and with the process.


In my role as Councillor I plan to support and assist with the effective and efficient running of the Parish Council, to take forward the ideas outlined in the Community Plan, and to help support those individuals and groups who are actively enhancing the community in Kempley.


Liz Daykin


Co-opted: 19-07-2018

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I served as a Parish Councillor for Kempley for 18 years.  Previously I was a Parish Councillor for Upton Bishop for 15 years.  I have a keen interest in what happens in the village and would do my best to serve the village impartially.


I am interested in the future of the village and in making it a place where its inhabitants are forward thinking for the benefit of the youngsters but also at the same time considering the needs of the elderly.


Martin Brocklehurst


Co-opted: 04/12/2018

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Martin currently operates as an Independent Environmental Adviser now well known for developing a series of successful international EU funded partnerships testing new ideas in waste and resource management.  He has a wealth of experience in the oil and gass industry and with the Environment Agency of England & Wales. He is an experienced waste professional, an expert in EU and UK environmental regulation, waste and resource management, environmental impact assessment and health safety & environment auditing in the oil and gas business.


Martin has lived in Kempley for 26 years. Married for 42 years he and his wife Maggie have raised two children in the village and both take an active part in village life.  Martin has led the drive to deliver modern internet communication infrastructure for Kempley and has already secured over £50,000 worth of investment in wireless internet capability for the village.


"Parish Councils have a major role at the heart of rural village communities. They have the opoprtunity not only to deliver on their statutory roles but they can and should provide community leadership.  


I hope I can bring my life long experience to add value to the work of the Parish Council. I am particularly keen to see the Parish Council implement the spirit of the Kempley Community Led Plan.  I also want the Council to be active in shaping the future infrastructure of the village.  Forward thinking plans can ensure that Kempley is not left behind by the 4th Industrial Revolution and can buffer the shocks of forthcoming changes."


Neil Dransfield

Parish Councillor

Co-opted: 12/07/2019

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Neil is a former Parish Councillor and former Chairman of Kempley Parish Council.  He is a  Chartered Architectural Technologist, a Chartered Construction Manager, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and an Expert Witness.  


He has been a resident of Kempley for 47 years and has interests in the built environment, the community, conduct and documentation.  He was a Vice President of his professional Institute for some years, and then President for two.  He currently chairs his Institute’s Documents Taskforce.  He was previously Chair of the same Institutes Conduct Committee, and has also been a member of another Professional Institutes Conduct Committee for several years. 


Since co-option Neil’s work has focussed on drafting and updating procedures and policies for Kempley Parish Council: he is the Officer Responsible for Planning and Aesthetics, and for Health & Safety.

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