Broadband Coming to Kempley in 2019!


Here is a statement received from GIGAclear regarding their planned rollout to Kempley in 2019:


The build for Kempley (South West) community is still with our Design team. That being said, all dates are projected and may change to slightly earlier or slightly later than what is currently showing on our system.

Currently, we are hoping to start building our fibre network to the community at the end of March next year. As you will appreciate, we are building a brand new infrastructure from scratch and so it can take some time for us to be able to build and deliver our fibre network to the community and can be a lengthy process. That being said, I would like to provide you with some information on how our builds take place and what stages are involved.


Once the design stage has been completed, we will move to the build stage, we will start to lay our fibre network to the community. Residents will also notice during this stage that individual POTs will be installed for each individual property. (A POT is a small black tub, that sits in the ground of the public highway, along the property’s boundary, holding the connection from the main cabinet to the property)


Once this stage has been completed, we will then begin our ‘splicing’ stage. This is the main part of the build, where we lay the fibre connection down within the community and to each individual POT.


Once this is completed, we will continue to the ‘testing’ stage. The fibre is checked from the main cabinet by shining a light down each line to check there are no anomalies.


Provided that these tests do not show any anomalies, we will then rely on the reports to be sent back to us to verify this.


Residents that are interest in getting connected to our service will be required to place an order against their account. This will then notify our install team who will then visit the POT, to carry out a final stage before getting you connected, this is something that we call ‘patching’.


Again, assuming that no anomalies are found, you will then be contacted by the installations team to arrange your home install. It is extremely important to mention though, that in some cases, if the test results show that there is an issue with the POT’s connection then this will then cause a delay in us being able to get you connected.


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