The term of office of the current Parish Council expires on 6 May 2019 and a new council has to be elected on 2 May 2019 for the next four years.  


Would you like to be part of that new Council?

The civil parish of Kempley sits in the Dymock Ward under Forest of Dean District Council in Gloucestershire. At the present time the parish consists of 114 households and 244 electors.  

The Council has seven elected members plus a part time Clerk who carries out administration, gives advice on legal matters, liaises with other bodies on the Council’s behalf, and keeps the financial records. 


What is involved?

The Parish Council meets monthly on a Tuesday evening in Kempley Village Hall. Councillors may also represent the Council at other local government meetings or organisations from time to time.  An ‘open’ Annual Parish Meeting is held once a year sometime between 1 March and 1 June.  The Parish Council is consulted on a wide range of matters from planning applications to roads and the environment. It is funded through the parish precept (currently £5211), which forms part of the Council Tax, and it can also raise funds through grant applications.  Parish Councillors are local people committed to their local community.   Training is available for new Councillors.


Who can stand?

To be eligible to stand for election you must be:

  • Over 18 years of age and a citizen of the European Union and
  • satisfy one of the following four criteria:

(i) You are on the Electoral Register of the parish (often referred to as the ‘Electoral Roll’)

(ii) For the past 12 months you have worked or occupied land or premises in the parish as an owner or tenant

(iii) For the past 12 months you have had your main or only place of work in the parish

(iv) For the past 12 months you have lived in the parish or within three miles of the parish


How do you become a parish councillor?

An election is held if more than seven people are nominated for the Parish Council.  A minimum of three is required to make the council viable.  Members can be co-opted at a later date to fill any vacancies.  In the worst case, if less than three candidates come forward for election; the parish would revert to the control of the Forest of Dean District Council.  Without a Parish Council, we would lose the benefit of local input and influence.


To stand for election you need a proposer and a seconder from the parish.  The candidate, proposer and seconder must sign the nomination paper, print their name and include their full electoral register number. The number should come from the current register.  To find out your number, please contact either the Clerk to the Parish Council or the District Council Offices (see below).  A ‘consent to nomination’ form must also be completed and signed.


Nomination packs will be available around 19 March from the Forest of Dean District Council (contact the Electoral Services Officer on 01594 812628 or email: 

It is up to the individual candidate to check dates and return the form by the required date.



Tuesday 19 March 2019 – Notice of Election

This will be displayed locally by this date. Parish notice-boards are located in Fishpool and inside the Village Green bus shelter.*

Close of Nominations – 4pm Wednesday 3 April 2019

(not even a minute after 4pm!). The District Council Elections Office will then let us know who is standing in our parish.

Close of Withdrawals – 4pm Wednesday 3 April 2019

Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated – Thursday 4 April 2019

Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations – Tuesday 24 April 2019  

This is published and displayed locally (see above*).

Elections will take place on 02 May 2019 7am - 10pm


Who can vote?

To be eligible to vote you must be on the Electoral Register for the parish. You can check with the Clerk to the Parish Council

(Arin Spencer 07484619582 or the Electoral Services Office (01594 812628). 

Anyone who is on the Register can have a postal vote – again contact the Electoral Services Officer – the deadline for new postal vote notification is 5pm on Monday 15 April.


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